About Us

Agogo Fresh is committed to deliver the freshest fruits and vegetables right to your doorstep with the fastest and most convenience way possible. 

Being able to offer one of the most competitive prices in Singapore, Agogo Fresh removed away the many layers of middlemen fees and deliver from where we grow and process them, straight to your door step.

Agogo Fresh operates on 5 core values:

1. FRESHNESS - We are committed to deliver the freshest fruits and vegetables to all our clients.

2. VALUE FOR MONEY - We are committed to reduce as many middlemen fees as possible so as to provide the best of prices for our clients.

3. TIMELINESS - We are committed to delivering the fruits and vegetables at the fastest possible time upon a tap of your finger tip.

4. CONVENIENT - We are committed to remove your unnecessary preparation hassles and provide you fruits and vegetables that are ready to eat or cook immediately.

5. FAMILY - At Agogo Fresh, we truly believe that a harmonious happy Family is the core of all success. We will implement plans at all business levels and plant seeds of greatness that will bring family closer together.