Sir Humphry Davy, was established by Unique biotechnology Co., Ltd in 2016, Taiwan. We develop high efficacy antibacterial products. Our products have officially launched in pharmacies and Maternity & baby stores since August 2016, and over 5000 retail stores. Today, with our high-quality products, we have become a necessity for preparation in every families during the pandemic.

Make you feel safe at anytime and anywhere!

Made in Taiwan, medical grade disinfection and antibacterial products.
Taiwan SNQ Anti-Epidemic Products recommend!

來自台灣 醫療等級的消毒抗菌產品

Know about Taiwan SNQ

SNQ (Symbol of national Quality)

Since 2004, Taiwan IBMI (Institute for Biotechnology and Medicine Industry) convened 160 scholars and experts in the fields of biotechnology, nutrition, and medical care to review health care products every year to ensure product quality and safety for consumers.