Taiwan Premium Braised Pork (200g)
Taiwan Premium Braised Pork (200g)
Taiwan Premium Braised Pork (200g)
Taiwan Premium Braised Pork (200g)
Taiwan Premium Braised Pork (200g)
Taiwan Premium Braised Pork (200g)

Taiwan Premium Braised Pork (200g)

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幸福傳遞黑金滷調理包裸包 - 豬肉原味

🤩   Top Winning Award on Global Pure Flavor Evaluation with no Additive Development Association (A.A TASTE AWARDS)
🤩   Pigs are natural breeding and grow up by listening to music which makes the meat more delicious!
🤩   Specially extract the lean belly portion for the excellent taste
🤩   Legally approved with ISO22000 and HACCP Certification to control the manufacturing process
🤩   Worldwide synchronized food storage with latest high technology room temperature
🤩   Absolute preservatives free
🤩   100% Guaranteed food safety quality with inspection (Certified SGS/FSI)

Country of origin: Taiwan
Weight: 200g

Background about Eating Creations (Manufacturer):
Eating creations proudly presents to you the secret FAMILY recipe that has been passed down for many generations.
It combines traditional flavors together with modern creativity. The “Yummy and Love” series is based on a daughter’s love and gratitude to her mother and is expressed by this “Lu Rou” and “Lu Ji” that has been skillfully created. Our aim and focus of Eating Creations is not only to create a perfect healthy meal without compromising using high-quality products that everyone can enjoy. But also, to make it fuss-free for anyone to prepare a hearty meal.

Product description:
- Able to serve 4-5 pax
- Pork that is used to make this is very special.
- The pigs have listened to music since birth and by using UHT technology for easy storage. By listening to music, it increases their growth, and also it helps with enlightening their mood
- The production of slaughtering has to undergo strict protocols.
- It DOES NOT contain any preservatives and MSG.
- It is not only low in calories but also low in sugar which is essential for healthy meals.
- Each bite has a balanced ratio of fats and lean meat.

How to consume the Premium Braised Pork:
Submerge the ready-to-eat packet into boiling water for 2 mins
Empty the packet into a microwave-safe container, microwave for 1 min, and serve.

Best Served Hot :)