Feminine Fresh Cleansing Mousse (250ml)

Feminine Fresh Cleansing Mousse (250ml)

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As a feminine product, in addition to moisturizing and whitening effects, there is also a need to pay attention to antibacterial and good pH value. Fresh Cleansing Mousse and Hand Wash Detergent to help care for your intimate areas easily. Also suitable for men!

  • Antibacterialanti-Candida albicans effectiveness
  • WhiteningSay goodbye to itching and odor!
  • MoisturizingNourishing and Moisturizing Care.
  • ProtectionHypoallergenic and comfortable.

Feminine Fresh Cleansing Mousse (250ml)

  • Make your privacy care soothing like spa
  • Organic rice-brewed whitening formula
  • Can use on your period and postnatal care
  • Delicate mousse for perfectly privacy care